48. Shop ’56 Speedster

This is the one I got for doing Cal’s. Also restored and painted the original White. It has the soft top, hard top and fiberglass racing tonneau. It also has Coupe seats in addition to Speedster seats. It was sold and went to Italy.

47. Cal’s ’55 Speedster

A guy called. “Would you look at my cars?” “Sure, what do you have?” “Three Speedsters.” “Sure!” Two had been stored outside for 20 years. I said I would restore one for him in exchange for the other. A handshake deal. We did a complete restoration including a lot of metal work and painted his the original white. He also got the one with Rudge Knockoff wheels. Cal turned into a very good friend.

46. Norm’s 52 Coupe

Same Norm as the street/race car ’64. This however is a rare steel-bodied factory race car. Never driven on the street. Freshened this 356 for the Monterey Historic Races in 1998. Did minor repair, made a rear valance and replaced the ’63 engine with a two piece case engine. Ran slow up to the Corkscrew at Laguna SECCA but passed cars on the way down!

45. My ’63 Sunroof Coupe

This was my second 356. I had it restored in Minnesota and got to participate in almost all the repair work. This is how I learned how to do lead work and make an electric sunroof work. Recently freshened it up and did paint repair. Don’t get to drive it as much as we would like but took it to the Durango Holiday.

44. Greg’s ’64 Coupe

A Champagne Yellow Coupe that needed typical “rustoration”. Years later his wife gave him a gift certificate for detailing work. The shop kinked the hood and we got to repair it again.

43. Bob’s ’60 Convertible D

The same Bob I helped on the ’64 Coupe mentioned earlier. He was buying metric hardware for his ’64 and the clerk asked what for. Bob said for an old Porsche and the clerk said, “I know where there is one.” Bob got it and we did the repair and paint.

42. Bruce’s ’63 Sunroof Coupe

Bruce bought this project at the height of the market and paid too much. He was determined to finish the project. A friend helped him with the welding and it was really rough. I had my helper at the time do the repairs and paint as I was too busy with other projects. I provided Bruce with advice and parts. He finished the 356 including the engine rebuild and it is now on the road. Another good friend.

41. Dr. Jack’s ’64 Sunroof Coupe

Dr. Jack parked this 356 at his place in Vail after driving it for a few years. A mechanic told him he had engine problems. We pulled the engine and trailered the 356 to my shop. Did a complete restoration. Dr. Jack was the nicest customer I’ve had. He took Barb and me to dinner in Vail and everyone knew him. He also flies a vintage airplane.

39. Shop ’65 Coupe

This was a project I never got to. Gave it to my mechanic for $4,000 in mechanical work credit. He was going to do the metal work but traded it straight for a running ’63 driver that needed minimal work. The other guy wanted a disc brake 356.

37. Webb’s ’64 Coupe

The only project that left a bitter taste. This was a complete restoration for a New York original owner. The 356 was shipped out and I never met the owner until he flew out to drive the car back to IL. The 356 would be stored at a family farm until his son was 16; at the time his son was eight. The owner was in his sixties. As an original owner he knew it all and wouldn’t take my recommendations. When he got the car to IL he wrote me a formal letter stating all that was wrong with the restoration. I paid a shop In IL to resolve the issues. I no longer do out of state 356’s.