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Found this in a car we are restoring. I have not seen one in years. It’s a oil can opener and spout

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Yes you do need a new battery box floor

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So it was not the fuel petcock but a leaking fuel tank. I banish the tank to a frozen snow bank til spring.! Or until I want to fix it tomorrow

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The life of a Porsche mechanic. Continuing on the theme of the fancy life of a mechanic. Thursday is laundry and clean the shop day. Porsche used lead to smooth out the body panels and door/ lid gaps not any more. We leave our clothes here in the shop and wash them to prevent nasty stuff going home with us

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We should have a couple of Coupes for sale soon. And we are taking reservations for work in the summer and fall. Or we could go golfing have not decided

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The life of a Porsche mechanic. So the biggest change since the first of the year is the inventory accounting practices. The CPA said that we had to do something so BJ has been learning Excel is the most basic way. It did not go well but it is getting better

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1964 Porsche 356 exploded view | eBay We do not have enough welding wire to tackle this project but good luck to someone who does

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356Restore would like to welcome “808” or as we will call it this weekend “Santa’s Sleigh”. All the big guy has to do is put every bolt and nut back on, simple for him

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Happy Hollidays from 356Restore Love the look Billie it’s a fun car

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356Restore Shop Tour & Interview with Jim Kellogg (356 Restoration) Thank you Heidi and Franny for the video. Jim had a lot of fun putting it together.

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