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356Restore would like to welcome”Ladybug” to the stable. She is a 1960 Sunroof Coupe, a bit tired but runs well

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Putting in new seat belts in the race car for Scot Petitt. Luckily we are about the same size but I can not fill his….shoes

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Colorado Concours d' Elegance & Exotic Sports Cars Show

LOVe this years poster. Hope to see you all there

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Next door to the assembly area of Porsche was a wall paper shop. The workers took the scraps from them and used it to hold the nuts on the back of the ashtray bracket. Some have been like this where you ask “Really? On the whole wall?”

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Photos from 356Restore's post

We are hearing that the car at the painter’s will be done soon. So every part that was taken off that car needs to be either replaced or restored. A lot of painting and finding hardware. All of the lights are tested and cleaned. And then there is the pile at the bottom of the plastic storage bins that you have no idea where they go.

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No Reserve: Porsche 356 Hardtop by Reutter $1000 bid? We have had five of these hard tops and have sold one in 20 years. Bulky, hard to install, a pain to store and why would you put a hard top on a convertible? If the weather is bad take the Coupe.

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I just did a price and condition list for the current prices of 356s. I looked at the cars for sale on the top 5 sites. No bargains, some junk, most of the cars were in the average range for their make and models. I do not see the garage doors opening for spring cleaning.

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Porsche 918 Spyder by Calvin Cruz Perfect for your 3rd grader at home My kids librarian knows what we like to read at home

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Cousin is at Barrett Jackson. Just because you have the tools does not mean you have to use them. Good use for a plastic car

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Colorado Concours d' Elegance & Exotic Sports Cars Show

Grabbing the wax and polish

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