April 1997 Newsletter

Vintage Racing

It was the coldest April 12th in 100 years. Why were Bill and I preparing my 356 Race Car for the track in such cold weather? Well, it was the first Vintage race event of the season and we wanted to see how the Coyote would perform.

The 356 Coyote did quite well, it ran about third fastest in its group and was quite stable. So we will run a few Vintage races this year. Bill will drive and I will act the proud owner. Next year when I reduce my 356 restoration workload maybe I will drive.


356RESTORE recently bought some of the best new and used 356 parts from a local restoration shop leaving the business. I haven’t had time to inventory all my 356 parts but call with your needs. How about the hard to find big black voltage regulator. I’ve got three all checked out or how about Speedster head light grilles, or horns, radios, reflectors or wooden steering wheels. 356RESTORE has lots of parts. Until I get them organized it may be best to drop by during Saturday Open Shop. I expect a pickup load of body and interior parts to come up from Texas in June. These will be on consignment so we will have plenty of parts for sale.

356 Adventures

A subsidiary of 356RESTORE is 356ADVENTURES. I use this term whenever we do something exciting with 356 Porsches. Like driving a horse trailer into the mountains to pick up my race car. Or going to Spain for the International 356 Meeting. The Kelloggs and Petitts will be participating in the XXII Encuentro Internacional Porsche 356 at Salou, Spain May 8-11, 1997. As a result this newsletter will be late next month. But the 356 news from Europe should be great!

Tech Tips

I had to drill a 15/16″ hole in the cowl of the race car for an electric kill switch. In the past to drill large holes I would use the plasma cutter and then hand file the edges. But this was a painted car so I went looking for a metal hole cutter. I found one for $19 but CBTIA (Cheap Bastard That I Am) I decided to try a $2 wood spade bit. It worked perfect! You probably can only use it once but how often are you going to use the $19 metal cutter?

I was putting in the glove box in Webb’s ’64 Coupe. On C cars the strap is offset and it is tough to get the angle of the long screw to the strap nut. In the past I used an icepick to get an idea of the angle. This time I thought why are the screws so long? Sure enough, if you just catch a few threads on the upper screw you can push back the bottom of the glove box to see the lower screw match up with the lower strap nut.

I have lots of old rubber tunnel and floor mats which are usable but ripped. In the past I tried to repair the rip with super glue. It didn’t work. This time I nailed the rubber to my workbench using brads. Good side down with the joint of the rip tight. I then cut a patch from an inner tube, rough sanded the patch and mat, cleaned with 3M Adhesive Remover and glued the patch to the mat with 5 minute 2 part epoxy glue. Works great! I’ve restored a lot of ripped rubber using this technique. (I mentioned 3M Adhesive Remover Part No.08984 in past newsletters. It’s my favorite cleaner. I got a copy of my newsletter back from a 3M vice president thanking me for the endorsement. This was nice but a case of the product would have been nicer.)

I also mentioned Eastwood as a supplier of quality restoration tools and supplies. While I don’t buy a lot from them I did get my buffing system from them. However, a month later they advertised the same system for $30 less. CBTIA, I called and no problem, they gave me a $30 refund.


Almost all my effort this month has been finishing Webb’s ’64 Coupe. Webb is the original owner and will fly out next week from New York to drive this fresh 356 restoration back east. It’s now in Ivory paint with saddle leather interior and tan carpet (last item to install). It is very pretty and I hope he will be happy with it.

We also got the Aquamarine paint on Bruce’s Convertible D rubbed out and he came by to check it out. He seemed pleased; it will be another pretty car. After Webb picks up his 356 we will finish Bruce’s and get it to the upholstery shop for a new top and toneau cover. Then we will finish the assembly on Dr. Jack’s ’64 Sunroof Coupe. By then Jack H’s ’64 Coupe should be back from the paint shop. In between we will work on the race car, fix the carbs and detail the Shop’64 Cab, detail the Shop ’57 Coupe, arrange parts storage and contract for the new storage building and go to Spain. Looks like 356ADVENTURES is doing a takeover of 356RESTORE.

A buyer in CA asked me to check out Roland’s Twin Grille Roadster. Since I have knowledge about these rare 356’s it was a fun evaluation. Roland did a great job on the restoration and I gave it a strong recommendation. Roland has owned 356’s since the ’60’s and really enjoys them.


RM356PC has a Men’s Cookoff on April 27th in Greeley and a Fun Rally on May 17th starting at 356RESTORE. Don’t forget to register for the United Cerebral Palsy Concours on June 8th at Arapahoe Community College.

It is Spring – tune them up and drive!