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356Restore has a chance to go drink some wine and take a long Labor Day weekend. We will see you Tuesday Sept 3rd

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When the fuel pump fails driving the car home from the car broker it is good to have a large parking lot and lunch near by

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I will not tell you how much time we have spent working on this transmission lock ball and spring problem. But hint it is a lot.

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Why yes we do work for beer sometimes

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How is your morning going?

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Just trying it it on for size

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Blondie - Call me Century Link found a broken phone line. We are back in communication on the shop line but it is Fri so..

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It is a beautiful day and we have the garage doors open. A Jehovah Witness knocked on the front door and Jim answered. After introducing herself she says “I see those old Porsches in the garage I have a 1982 911 that I love..” Jim and her then talk about the Pikes Peak hill climb coming up on June 30. She did not leave any fliers or offer to pray, I guess she figures our souls were already saved.

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If The Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me Jimmy Buffett2

I was wondering why it was a bit quiet this week. I was informed that the shop phone line is down. Century Link is coming out whenever to fix it. Email of Cell phone still works

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Those two bolts were loose inside of the transmission. The rods just slipped on the forks. The persons before us never tightened the nuts down. We could not get 2nd or 3rd after so many adjustments. We did every trick in the book to get those gears to grab. The master technician pulled the engine and tranny out and cracked the case and found the problem in under a minute. We will edit time now and solve to problem after the commercial break. Like you see on TV.

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2013 Octoberfast Spooktacular

2013 Octoberfast Spooktacular
October 26 – 27
PPIR will host RMVR’s last race of the season. Once again the Board determined that the club’s finances were good enough to go ahead and add this event to close out the year. Please join us for this special laid back, end-of-year, Customer Appreciation weekend. Help us wrap up a successful season on PPIR’s wonderfully smooth 1.3 mile road course.

Race Chair Tony Peak has some Halloween themed surprises in store for the weekend.

(Very fast cars of Indy like)

(I have the schedule and run groups if you want to see what is going on, email me

One thing is for certain, the southern Colorado location, full covered garages and superb facilities guarantee that inclement weather won’t be an issue. Plenty of nice hotels and restaurants are a mere 15 minutes away.

Weekend Features:

News Flash! This year, PPIR will be run clockwise! If you think you’ve mastered the track counterclockwise or are from some reason bored with PPIR, come on down for a completely new PPIR experience. Many organizations have run the track this direction including some RMVR members. Safety aspects have been thoroughly considered and no problems found. Consensus member input confirms they want to try it. Think of it as a new track—it should be fun. Dare we say “spooky”? Spooky can be fun!
There will be a food vendor for lunch and breakfast on both days.
Garages can be rented and RMVR will keep those proceeds. $75 gets you the whole weekend and each garage can usually host a couple of cars. Rent when registering. Get assigned garage space when registering at track.
Saturday’s after racing drinks and treats will be stepped up to help everyone stay and enjoy the costume party (details to follow) and live entertainment.
Fuel will be available at the track.
Plan on some Halloween themed stuff with prizes:
Best Halloween costume Saturday evening
Best Halloween theme pit area
and best corner station
Test & Tune of Friday—payable at the track, to the track.

Please let us know if you are bringing children so that we can get something special for them!

Special Customer Appreciation End of Year Pricing: Entry Fee Only $200!

You will never see it

I have been working on areas of Jim’s project that 99 percent of the people looking at it will never see. Unless it is on the rack with a flashlight or putting in new carpet no one will see it.  So why do it? Because it is the correct way of doing things