December 1992 Newsletter


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from 356 RESTORE. There is still time to pick up some great 356 parts for holiday gifts. Call if you misplaced the list from last month’s newsletter. Note: We have a new phone (840-2356) for the shop. I think some of you may have had trouble calling us in the evenings when our computer was using the phone line. Call anytime with questions on 356 restoration or parts. -Jim Kellogg

Tech Tips

We mentioned minor oil leaks last month. The most common leak in the engine compartment is a missing screw. The screw hole goes into the valve train area and without a screw, oil will be forced out. A second leak area is the seal around the oil filler to generator stand. If this is missing, an o-ring from your hardware store will work. It’s easier to track down engine compartment leaks before chasing undercar leaks.


356RESTORE finished the replacement of a front floor-pan and strut repair on a ’61 sunroof coupe. This was an interesting job as the car had been stored outside with the sunroof open. The car was rusting from the inside out! The undercoat looked great but the rust was forming inside the strut and longitudinal. The ’54 coupe racecar is awaiting an oil cooler an then we will weld it and the rollbar in place. The ’59 sunroof coupe shop car got its second coat of primer and with some more sanding will be ready for its original metallic silver paint. We recently evaluated a ’54 coupe that the owner bought 20 years ago when he was 18. It’s time for a restoration and we hope to see it in the shop. 356RESTORE recently bought a ’63 coupe for a shop restoration. It needs a lot of metal replacement and will go on rotisserie. We will fix this up and sell it as a driver. We have had inquiries for driver 356’s i.e. solid cars not restored, for around $10K. We expect a ’57 Speedster in early 2003 for metal work. The car was reclipped with overlap welds and bondo and needs panel repair. Another Speedster (’55) is due in mid ’93 also for panel repair; the top extends forward of the windshield. Something was done wrong. Others have called and indicated they needed work done but have not yet scheduled their cars. While we have shop cars that we restore for resale, we stop work on those for customer work. So call now to get your car scheduled before spring driving starts.


356RESTORE is now three months old. We started the shop with the hope that many customers would be an active part of the restoration. This is happening but not as much as expected. This will probably change in warmer weather.

The shop has made money, mostly from the sale of parts. While this is important for a new business, we really measure our success by getting these great cars back on the road.

Friedrich Weber

The contest for who is Friedrich Weber and why is this newsletter dedicated to him is still open for the 5% discount. One person got the who part of the question but not the why.


You will see some additional parts for sale on the back page. Notice the luggage racks. The A luggage racks are either painted or chrome. Reutter made the painted racks which could be body color or silver-grey. Leitz made the chrome racks.

Parts Open Shop

Reminder: The shop is open any time for parts or estimates and for your convenience on Saturday from noon to four. Saturday afternoon is mostly geared to beer and B.S. about 356 Porsches.
New Phone Number
(303) 840-2356