December 1999 Newsletter

A Day in the Shop

December 13th, a Monday. Up at 6:30 AM; coffee, shower, dress, read paper and in the shop at 7:45. we are sort of in a lull as we have Rocky’s 356 at the painter, the Shop ’52 future race car at Blast Tech and the New Jersey Speedster at Autoweave. We’ve put the Shop ’56 Speedster together and will take it to Autoweave when we picik up the New Jersey Speedster.

So it will be a day of miscellanious projects. BJ arrives at 8:00 AM and I ask him to clean the floor mats for Rocky’s car, strip paint from some parts to prepare for the swap meet and start disassembly of the Speedster hard tiops so we can get them ready for paint. There is also some tranny oil on the floor of the storage building shich needs to be cleaned up. We pulled the brakes from the race car and sent them out for special racing shoes. With the rear axel nuts off a lot of tranny oil leaked on the floor. Since Al Lager will be dropping by to look at a car we need toto clean up the oil and look spiffy!

I tell BJ I’m off to evaluate a 356 at Eisenbud’s. A buyer in Michigan wants me to evaluate a local 356. I should be back around 11:00. Driving up I-25 is not a problem today but I’m glad I no longer have to do it everyday.

I arrive at Eisenbud’s and John is out front talking to himself (a funny habit). He remembers me even though it has probably been over three years since I’ve been to his shop. We B.S. for a while and then John brings in the 356 from out back.

The ’58 Coupe has a new silver paint job and I see the small star in the paint from a rock being rhrown by be the left front tire. The owner told me about this when he called to tell me the 356 was at Eisenbud’s. I told him how I use fibrous roofing tar to avoid this problem. He said he doesn’t like undercoat as it looks like you’re hiding problems. The evaluation of the 356 proceeds with John dropping by for more kibtzing. He is in a good mood and is fun to talk to. I finish the evaluation at 10:30. I found a couple of major problems and numerous small problems. The major problems were metal repair