December 2003 Newsletter

Damaged 356

Rob’s ’63 Coupe arrived from Virginia. BJ was in the truck helping unload it and I asked how it looked. “Bad!” he said. After we towed it up to the shop and I studied it, it was obvious it was not restorable. The force of the collision with the SUV pushed the right side in twenty inches. The force traveled through the unibody and caused damage on the driver side. The roof was obviously racked. Rob was very, very lucky to have survived with minor injuries. If he had had a passenger there would have been severe if not fatal injuries. So we will part out the 356 using the very good engine and transmission in a shop car.


Rob had his seat belt on but you can see how he was thrown against the passenger side roof. Rob had the seat belts that have clam type hooks that are secured to an eye bolt. Once these are connected there is a small hole that goes through both hooks. The hooks are supposed to be secured with a cotter pin. Rob’s were not! He is double lucky. If you have this kind of seat belt please ensure the cotter pin is present.

Missing Tools

Over the years we have loaned out tools. Some have not come back. We are missing a home made tool to secure the spring in the seat hinge. It is a long bar with a bearing race and pin welded on. We are also missing an alignment jig. It is two pieces of square tubing with a securing part on one end and a pointer on the other. It is used to measure the distance from the rear to the front suspension. We need these two tools returned. We are also missing a metal also a wood dolly to move a 356 without its suspension. While we don’t need these back, it would be nice to know who has them.


BJ finished up the paint, caulk and undercoat on Michael’s ’62 Coupe and I detailed the front, interior and rear compartments. Michael’s 356 will go to the painter for a silver paint job.

Gene’s ’62 Cabriolet has come back from Autoweave-another excellent job-and we will trailer it to Colorado Springs to be reunited with its engine. Gene should enjoy his 356; it was one of our best restorations.

George picked up his ’60 Coupe after we finished the minor metal repairs. George has his own painter and will return the 356 to us for reassembly. George’s 356 is one of the nicest 356’s we’ve worked on. No collision damage, minimal rust damage and no previous repairs.

While we wait for George’s 356 to come back we will finish the bottom of the Shop ’57 Carrera and continue to part out the damaged 356. We may start on the Shop Outlaw project or the conversion of the ’58 race car to a street car. We also have to start organizing parts for the big swap meet in Anaheim, California on February 1, 2004.

Restoration Book

I should receive the final proof of the “Porsche 356-Do it Yourself Restoration Guide” this week. If OK it is off to the printer. We were hoping to have copies available for the swap meet but may not; it all depends on the printer. The book has taken a full year. When I started I did not know how involved the process would be. We had a grammar review. I would say “now it is time to-“. The grammar person changed it to “Next-“. We had to have a cover designed (excellent job!), an illustrator and of course the layout of text and photos. We have over 200 photos. In the next newsletter we should have the print date and ordering information.


The tentative race schedule for RMVR for 2004:
March 13-14 Crash/Burn School
April 10-11 Driver’s School
April 24-25 Second Creek
June 5-6 Pueblo
July 17-18 Second Creek Charity Event
Aug 7-8 Second Creek Backward
Sept 11-12 La Junta
Oct 2-3 Pueblo Enduro

As you can see we have multiple events at Second Creek. But we lose this track in 2005. The coalition of clubs have made an offer on a site for a new race track. The location is being kept secret. As you can see without a replacement for Second Creek, vintage racing and driver education events will be very limited.

Rennsport 11 will be April 23-25 at Daytona Beach Florida. Details can be found at There will be five race groups. 356’s are in Group1. Practice all day Friday and Saturday, a concour is Saturday afternoon and qualifying and racing Sunday.

The big Swap meet at Anaheim is proceeded by the Literature and Toy Show on January 30, 2004 at the L.A. Hilton. The Literature, Swap Meet and Rennsport 11 events will be big. Now is the time to make reservations.