February 1999 Newsletter

Time Out

As expected we took time out and did not het out a newsletter last month. Barb and I treated the kids to 10 days in Maui for a family vacation. This time we didn’t see any 356’s but then again when you are out fishing and snorkeling or sunning on the beach you shouldn’t expect to see any 356’s. We did see pleanty of humpback whales, dolphins, pilot whales (very rare) and sea turtles.

BJ and I watched the Broncos’ playoff game at a Maui Sports Bar and Cuba Gooding Jr. bought the whole house a round (about 100 folks, movies must be good).


Prior to Hawaii, I started preparing parts for the Registry Swap Meet in L.A. This has been getting bigger each year and since I did well in Monterey last year I thought I would get ready. This involved blasting, cleaning and painting lots of parts. I do this not only to sell parts but to have clean parts on the shelf for restorations.

I put about a month into parts and modified my race car trailer with side panels that could be used as tables. This worked out real well with a tarp to protect from weather and visiblility to the rear. Barb and I left on a Wednesday and stopped in El Paso to help Scotty Visnenski select and price parts. Scotty has no market for 356 parts in El Paso and was hoping to do well at his first swap meet. Some of you may remember Scotty from RMVR racing. He and his wife, Eileen, are real fast with Yellow Dog racing.