February 2015 Newsletter


We are always learning new things at 356Restore. This month has been computer work backing up photo files, a moving and storage business and if there is time left a bit of Porsche restoration.

There was no newsletter last month as Barb and I were on our annual vacation. Aloha! It was great. Very relaxing; we even have a Maui library card so we can read and relax in the sun.

When we returned from vacation, BJ and I cleaned up Bill Frey’s barn and shop- the Tub Farm. Bill was like myself, never throw any thing away. There was plenty of tools and at least sixty wrenches. Karen will have a garage sale before she moves closer to Parker.
Bill had a rollover rotisserie that is available for free. You will need a pick up truck or trailer. Bill also had a 356 engine test stand. Make an offer, Call Jim 303-840-2356 if interested.
Joe Leoni asked me to assist in the reassembly of a beautiful A Coupe. The owner has a terminal illness and is unable to finish the project. Joe worked on the wiring and I worked on the doors. The owner had replacement chrome pieces that goes on the door tops and of course the attachment holes did not line up. Drilling new holes with only 3/8 of an inch clearance to the painted skin of the door is a challenge. Both Joe and I did good work.
You may have noticed by reading the newsletter the past six months that BJ was doing most of the work and Jim had slowed down. Well, it turns out I was sick and didn’t know it. My diseased gall bladder was removed and I am back and in good health. I thought I was just getting old.

The Move
We are finally building! The demolition and expansion of the foundation was completed and the addition and garage have been framed. The first floor is being framed and the loft second floor is next. Then the roof and finally the basement and old garage shops for 356Restore. The addition I referred to above is also known as “The Tower”. It started out as a small shed under the front porch for Jim to store the lawn mower and snow blower. It evolved into a two story addition with storage below and a great sitting room off the master bedroom with tree windows and a three way fireplace. It is all framed and is great.

BJ continues on the metal and bodywork on the Shop ’62 Coupe- The Barn Find. Yes, BJ has been on this awhile as it needed a lot of work. Most of the 356 projects we are seeing are in very poor shape and expensive. There no longer is anything previously known as a 356 parts car. At todays prices they are all being restored.
Jim is finishing the assembly of “Viney”, the Shop ’64 Coupe. The original engine is being rebuilt. Remember, when we first looked at this project we removed the oil filler cap and it was rusted underneath and missing metal. Well the missing metal was in the engine and thus the rebuild.
Once “Viney” is assembled, we will get back to the Shop ’56 Speedster and then to “Casper” the Shop ’61 Coupe. Casper will not need an engine rebuild as it was driven to the shop. While it has a 912 engine this appears to have minimal price impact in todays market.

We need to wrap up the story of Jim’s first 356 so it continues;

The original four cam engine 90760 was thought raced to death however, through the Registry’s engine database a member recently discovered the engine in his Speedster was original to 58355. As tempting as it was to arrange a swap, the engine we have is 90764. Close enough!
So the family tree of 58355 as developed by Hank Godfredson, myself and the surprising email from Thailand is as follows:
1957-1960 Original Owner
Vilas Bunnang
1961-1962 How did 58355 get from
Thailand to Minnesota?
1962? Lloyd Woolery
1965? Russ Moga
………. Jeff Grigsby
1977-1979 Jim Kellogg
1980 George Wilkie
1986 Larry Skoglund
1986-2000 Hank Godfredson
2000- Jim Kellogg
The four cam engine that Hank had installed in 58355 was 90061. Early in 2002 when I mentioned that engine number on 356Talk I received the following email from Bill Brown. Bill had remembered me as we were both active in the Rocky Mountain 356 Porsche Club.
“Type 547/0 motor #90061 belongs to 1956 Speedster 80820. A Colorado guy named Brent Fagen once owned the car. I remember seeing the car at one of the first Ed Carrol events. The ID tag near the gas tank said “1500RS.” It was the second Speedster fitted with a 4- cam motor. Porsche had not yet named the cars 1500GS and were using the 550 Spyder designation on the first few 4-cam cars. Interesting car! Glad to hear you’ve “reclaimed” your Coupe.”

Follow Up
The engine that Bill Brown mentioned was traded by Hank Godfredson for 90764. 90061 went back to the second four cam Speedster and is now owned by Wolfgang Porsche and is in the Porsche Museum. Jim restored 58355 and it was sold to a enthusiast in England who planned to race in Vintage Rallys.

Grandpa News
We all have busy lives but between school events, birthday parties, swim lessons, Valentine’s Day and hanging with Grandma some one needs a nap. It is hard being a four year old.

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