January 1996 Newsletter


I intended to mention a 356 for sale last month but forgot. I get two or three calls a month on 356’s for sale and try to pass the info on to those I know are interested in buying. Right not I’m not buying as I own nine 356’s and need to restore at least five before I rebuild my inventory.

A couple that receives this newsletter has to part with their 1960 Sunroof Coupe. They sent me a picture and I gave them a call. The 356 has 48 thousand miles and they are the third owner. The say it is rust free and a right running car. It has a decent leather interior but needs a headliner. The 356 was originally White but is now Dark Blue. From the picture I would recommend a block sand and repaint in the future. The asking price is $10,000 which is very reasonable for a Sunroof Coupe. I am not brokering the car but would like to do any future restoration. The 356 is in Telluride; call me for the phone number.

The Market

How do I read the 356 market? Well I read the advertised asking prices , but know of few sales. I get more calls from sellers than buyers. Most of the 356’s for sale are rough (which is good for the restoration business). Most of the buyers are looking for open cars or rare cars. There also appears to be a market for vintage racers if incomplete but rust free 356 rollers or shells.

One gauge I use for the 356 market is swap meets. We just had one last month and I sold $500 worth of 356 parts which is about what I did at last year’s swap meet. In previous years I hardly sold anything. So I concluded there are buyers but mostly for the low cost project cars. There are buyers for good quality restored 356’s but they also want value and the reputation of the restoration shop is important. Since I hope to sell three or four shop cars this year, I intend to only sell accurately represented cars at a fair price.


The Shop ’57 Coupe is coming together in good shape. Almost all the metal and parts are original. I’m having the door panels redone but having some delay in matching the leather.

Mike’s ’65 Coupe just needs a rocker panel, bottom paint, caulk and undercoat plus primer and it is ready to back to its owner. This 356 got a bottom everything plus front and rear clips. Mechanically this looks like a sweet 356; it was just rough in the body.

We also got a running start on the metal work on Don’s ’59 Coupe. Almost all the driver side lockpost, inner fender and outer skin was rusted. This has been repaired also with other rusted panels.

Scotty’s ’53 was finished in primer and put in storage waiting for the next step. The work was performed to the estimate even though additional problems were found and solved. Scotty also paid promptly; this is how the trust relationship should work. You trust 356RESTORE to do quality work, we trust the customer to meet his/her commitment.

I’ve got about a weeks worth of finish work on Paul’s ’52 Split window Coupe and then it will be shipped back to Lincoln. Appleton’s got the engine running

The Rocky Mountain 356 Porsche Club will host another West Fest in June. This will be a track event at Mountain View plus the swap meet, show and drive at Ed Carroll Porsche in Fort Collins.

Also I intend to get on Ryan’s back about Warren’s ’65 Coupe which just needs a rocker panel and repaint. We have been storing this 356 free for over a year which is not way to run a business. There has also been a delay in the final paint on the Shop ’64 Cabriolet.

One of the newsletter recipients flew me to Dallas to look at his Pre-A Speedster. While this made me feel important, reality was rolling around a warehouse cement floor in zero degrees temperature. Anyhow the Speedster is in paint and just needs assembly (have we heard this before?). I will finish this 356 this year because it is a nice early Sppedster and the owner is knowledgeable.

Upcoming Events

There will be a restoration clinic and chili feed at 356RESTORE on March 17th. This is in connection with the RM356PC club monthly event. Everyone is welcome including non-members


1957 Coupe, Ivory with maroon leather. Fresh restoration by 356RESTORE. Original pan and battery box. Rebuilt engine to Super specs