January 1998 Newsletter


Well, 1998 is here and I’m not even close to deciding on event logistics. What 356’s should we drive to events? Or should we join with others and transport to Montery. Or should we trailer as I want to sell parts at swap meets. If any one is considering transport to Montery let me know. For sure I have to get Barb’s Twin Grille Roadster back on the road. It needs a repaint and the suspension fixed plus maybe a new top. My ’63 Coupe just needs to be driven, plus replacing a few part I “borrowed” for customer cars (some days you just can’t wait for UPS!).

Merry Xmas

I hope you had one; I did! Santa brought me a complete racing outfit. Driving suit, helmet (Snell 95), gloves and arm restraints, boots and Nomex socks. I may not go fast this year but I’ll look good!

I plan to paint racing stripes on the helmet to match the race car. I think I will change the name of the race car to 356RESTORE instead of Coyote. Maybe my CPA can find a tax break.


You will receive this newsletter a few days early as Barb and I are taking our winter break in Hawaii. Just for you, we will be searching for Speedsters in the grass shack and the elusive Carreraii parts.