June 2001 Newsletter

Web site

The Web site that my son Patrick gave me for Christmas is now up! There was a slight delay while he finished his Masters in Computer Science. While it is not yet complete i.e. only half of the newsletters are up, I think you will enjoy it. The website has brief profiles of all the 356’s (over 60) we have worked on plus Tech Tips, parts for sale and a whole lot more. It has received good reviews from the members at 356TALK and is linked into the 356 REGISTRY website.

It is neat to get comments and requests for advise from all over the world. The plan is to put this newsletter online each month in addition to mailing. So if you are on the Internet and would like to receive the newsletter via computer we will let you know each month starting in July when the Newsletter is on the website. You then can receive it online and save me mailing expense.

Each month’s mailing costs about 36 cents each to mail to 356 folks on the list. So, if you want to get the newsletter online you can help me reduce cost, which should result in lower parts and restoration costs (doubt it though, the way prices keep going up). So check out the website at www.356RESTORE.com and send me an e-mail at TWINGRIL62@aol.com letting me know you will receive the newsletter online. Do this before July 15th to receive the next newsletter via the Internet rather than by mail. It is sort of scary to realize over 1,400 folks on 356TALK will receive this newsletter. I hope all that read it will enjoy it.


We had a great turnout for the 18th Annual Exotic Sports Car Show and Concours D’Elegance. The weather was perfect and we were told over $50,000 was raised for Cerebral Palsy. Barb and I were asked to judge again and this year we did American and Classic cars. Barb did interiors and I did engines. The best engine I judged was on a ’67 Chevy Chevelle. It was super clean; I could only take off 2 tenths of a point for minor oil and dust. Barb did the interior on this car and said it was great except for dirty ash trays. (I agree, a Concours can be picky but it lets you know how others evaluate your car and can only increase its value if corrections are made.) We had 26 356’s including six Speedsters and a Carrera. There were 46 other Porsches. We were able to meet 356 folks we hadn’t seen in a while. Make sure you attend next year!


We stay busy! We got most of the metal work done on the Carbondale Cab. Finish body work will be next but we have jumped to other projects.

The ’52 Racecar came back from the painter in Silver. This is not a show car; we just had it primered and painted. You can still see body work flaws but not at 100 mph!

We picked up BJ’s ’64 Coupe at Autoweave (another excellent job!) and BJ got it running for the first time in 12 years. Brakes were a major problem as all the pistons in the calipers were frozen. Trevor took care of these and BJ had his 356 ready for the Concour. It still needs work but don’t they all. I spent some time on the Shop ’60 Coupe. I did a color change on this 356. It had been Green with a tan interior. But somebody changed the upholstery to black with tan carpet. Since an interior change is expensive I painted the ’60 Black and put in a charcoal carpet. So it is Black on Black. Most of it is reassembled and it should be ready for sale in a few months.

We also agreed to reassemble Michael’s ’64 Coupe which had been painted and had the interior done. Michael just didn’t have the time to get it together. Almost all the parts and new rubber were provided. It is coming along quickly and should be done in a few weeks.

We are also going to look at a few new shop cars for sale, get the “Company” racecar ready for at least one race and hopefully move out some of the storage cars.

Tech Tip

Recently I reassembled the doors on the Shop ’60 Coupe and Michael’s ’64 Coupe. Here are some tips. The first piece to go on is the latch inside the door. (It can’t go in once the window frame is in.) Next is the chrome piece with deco and window seal on top of the door (you can’t get to this once the glass is in). Next is the window regulator and glass (this varies for different models-call if you need help). Then you do the window frame using the glass for installation. Next is exterior door handles, then the rubber seal/trim on the front/rear sides. Now you can install the upholstery panel (hopefully, you checked all the operations). Finally, is the door jam latch and adjustments. If I get this done in a day I’m lucky.

Future Events

Please attend the Rocky Mountain Grand Prix July 21 and 22 at Second Creek Raceway. This is an RMVR Charity event with over 150 vintage race cars. The charity is Kids in Need of Denistry. You will see some exciting racing and meet some great people. The track is at Buckely Road and 88th Ave. (near DIA) Call me for info.

As always RM356PC monthly meeting is the 1st Wednesday at The RanchCC in Thorton.