June 2006 Newsletter

Porsches and Pastries
People have asked if we would have another Porsches and Pastries. We skipped last year to concentrate on becoming grandparents. To celebrate fifteen years of 356RESTORE and one hundred Porsches 356s back on the road, we will have another Porsches and Pastries on Sunday, October 15 from 10:00 till 6:00.

The open shop format continues. Come when you can and stay as long as you like. Breakfast burritos at 10:00 and lunch and pastries at 1:00. There will be a short program at 2:00 at which 356RESTORE recognizes those who have supported us over the last fifteen years.

Charity Concours
There was a great turnout for the 23rd Annual Exotic Sports Car Show and Concours D’ Elegance. Over 300 sports cars and a huge crowd. The event continues to grow. There were only eighteen Porsches 356s and we’ve had close to thirty in the past so plan to enter next year.

We received an award for Favorite Porsche Race Car for displaying our 1952 356 Coupe. We always let young kids sit in our 356s and wish more people would do the same. It is worth the smiles

We continue the reassembly of Rob’s ’59 Cabriolet. We were able to repair the wiring harness and reinstall it in the 356. Some wires had been cut and some poor soldering repairs had to be corrected. The Cabriolet was missing seats and we only had one set of used A seats available. It took some work to repair them. The vent window frame and side glass are missing and again we have very few A Cabriolet parts on hand and will have to do some fabrication. We repaired the top frame which needed new wooden bows and it looks like it will work. We hope to get Rob’s 356 to Autoweave by next month.

We took the Shop ’59 Silver Coupe Outlaw to Autoweave. They are really busy and will probably do the interiors on at least a half dozen 356s this year. Autoweave will be moving to a new location soon. We have seen the new shop and it will be great.

We picked up Andy’s ’63 Coupe from Autoweave, welded in the battery bracket that was missing and took it to Trevor’s for engine installation.

We also picked up Scot’s ’55 Turkish Red Coupe at his house and took it to Autoweave. We are restoring Scot’s coupe in exchange for a ’54 Coupe which will be a future shop project.

BJ continues with the metal work on the Shop ’57 Sunroof Coupe and it should be ready for paint in a few months. Don the painter should have the Shop ’57 Red Speedster done in a few weeks and we will start its reassembly.

Last month we mentioned that we had goofed when installing windshield deco. The problem was we had ordered a set for both an early and late 356. When the order came, we failed to notice a left side for one set and a right side for the other set had been backordered. We thought we had a complete set when we started assembly. The problem was resolved a few days later when the backordered deco pieces arrived.

We got the glass and engine installed in the Shop ’64 Slate Gray Coupe. We plan to take it to Trevor’s for engine checkout and linkage adjustments.

I was honored to be asked to make a presentation on the 356 Porsche to the PCA group in Colorado Springs and did a little research beforehand. By 1955 Porsche had built 10,000 356s and Volkswagen had built one million Volkswagens. Porsche built a total of 79,316 Porsche 356s. Nobody knows how many 356s exist. My guess is based on 8,000 members in the 356 Registry each owning 1.5 356s and only 30 % of the 356 owners belong to the Registry. The math says a guess would be about half of the 356s built still exist.

I have been contacted by at least a half dozen 356 owners that are using my 356 restoration book to restore their 356. This makes me proud and motivated to do an even better job on the next edition.

Our congratulations to BJ who after working corners at racing events has been asked to move up to race control. A very responsible position and a feather in his cap. Also, congrats to our other son, Patrick, whose team took second in a national rugby tournament in New York.

Tech Tip
Often we get calls on where an owner can buy a part for their 356. The best bet is to go to 356REGISTRY.ORG and click on the vendor section. There is a large list of vendors providing 356 parts and services (including 356RESTORE).

Click on the vendor and you will go to the vendor’s website where many have online catalogs and secure ordering.

We recently took our own advise and bled the brakes in our 356s. We use Ford Motorcraft Dot 3 brake fluid available at Ford dealerships. The specs on this fluid are a lot higher than required by government standards. We also use this fluid in the racecar.

A product that we use on almost a daily basis is 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner-08984. It is an excellent cleaner of all surfaces and does a great job of cleaning rubber parts.

Grandpa News
I have been working a rabbit problem in my gardens for eighteen years and now my dear Alex (with the help of Grammie Barb) is feeding the baby bunnies carrots! She is small and they don’t run away; she can get so close they almost eat out of her hand.

Her verbal skills are impressive. All of a sudden she is talking in sentences. We still have to be careful with words as she will repeat anything you say.