June 2013 Newsletter



We picked up the ’58 Shop Cabriolet from the mechanics. They said while there it had a lot of positive comments from customers. We agree, the Fjord Green with the tan interior which was original to the 356 is a very nice combination. The ’58 Cabriolet went to the mechanics for linkage adjustments. That’s when we found problems with the transmissions and it required a rebuild.

This 356 was purchased years ago in a state that only required registration and did not provide titles. In order to sell this Shop 356 we had to get a title. We have done this in the past and it is a hassle (which it should be). There are companies that provide this service as many collector vehicles i.e. barn finds come with out titles. The cost to get a new title is expensive. The company has to search all state DMVs for a VIN check. We know that most if not all states do not keep records for fifty years but the company has to do it to protect themselves. Then there is additional data, pictures, forms and procedures to be followed. It is a lengthy process and can take six to ten months. Title cost for the ’58 Cabriolet was $1400.

Jim continues with the reassembly of the Magnunson’s ’59 Sunroof Coupe which is going well, just takes more time when everything has been removed. We may have to redo the wiring harness. As when we installed it we didn’t have any 356A’s in the shop to compare. Now that we have the ’58 Cabriolet back we can see we have to redo the fuse box area.

BJ is doing some excellent work on Jim’s Project. When it was handed over to BJ it was a 356 with all the interior and exterior panels attached but not exact. He has the eye for the correct 356 bodylines and Jim’s project is looking good and will be ready for paint soon. Before paint we will dry fit everything and we expect the bench seat back from the upholsterers this month so we can include this rare option in the dry fit.

Charity Concours

We always look forward to the Colorado Concours d’Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Show held in June at Arapahoe Community College. This year it was the thirtieth annual event and Porsche was the featured marque. We don’t have the numbers yet but it was huge in the number of cars and spectators. We decided to take our ’63 Sunroof Coupe. We had it stored for the last two years so we had some concerns if it would start. With a charged Optima battery, some fresh gas and priming the carbs it started right up. We always crank the engine until the oil pressure light goes out to ensure good oil pressure, then you can work the gas pedal. As soon as it started, a mouse nest blew out the muffler. Fortunately no mouse. But when we took it for a drive we discovered we had left the heater vents by the floor open. That’s where the mouse had his warehouse and all the seeds and stuff blew out the windshield defroster vents. We just drove until it stopped coming out into our face.
After driving the 356 we had to get in the truck to run an errand. The 356 is fun, the truck is a road appliance (John Jenkins comment years ago). One project we had put off for quite awhile was having the Shop flat bed trailer blasted. We use this trailer on almost weekly basis to move 356s to the painters, blaster, mechanic or upholstery. We finally have a time when no 356s have to moved. The floor of the trailer is 2x12s and since the trailer is stored outside they were shot. In fact we had a wheel drop thru the rot which we covered with plywood. We removed the boards and the trailer will be off to Blast Tech for blasting. Then we will paint it silver to match the Shop ’52 356 racecar. We don’t want to pull in to Austin for the National Vintage races in a ratty trailer.

Tech Tip

We use many products on almost a daily basis.
-3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner 08984 is an outstanding cleaner of 356 rubber and grease/oil on paint. Available at NAPA.
-Aerokroil is used to loosen those fifty year old rusted 356 fasteners. Better than WD-40(not a penetrating solvent) and Liquid Wrench. Available at www.Kanolabs.com
-303 Aerospace Protectant is used to protect rubber after it is cleaned, not oily like Armour All. You must wipe it dry after applying. Available at www.303products.com
-Novus 1 and 2 plastic cleaner and restorer is used on open 356 rear windows. Available at www.novuspolish.com.
Note; before lowering your Open 356 top, cover it with a cloth towel to protect against scratches and never wash the top with soapy water. It yellows the plastic.
-Rust Treatment by Permatex We use this to convert rust to a black coating. Very effective on lightly pitted metal. It needs the rust to make it work. Used on Barb’s Twin Grille Roadster over twenty years ago and still effective. Used to be called Extend and available at NAPA.
At the Concours, we saw quite a few beautiful 356s with small rust bubbles. Since these 356 are not driven in the rain we concluded they are not being properly dried after washing. We are guilty of the same as we see small bubbles on the door on the Shop ’63 Black Sunroof Coupe. The rust can be removed at the next paint job but until then we will use Rust Treatment to stop the growth. A rust bubble the size of a pencil eraser is actually the size of a quarter when the paint is removed.

Grandpa News

Alex was one of 55 kids to get all straight A’s out of the 600 children during the fourth quarter of school. She also received a good citizenship award. So BJ and her went on a long weekend in CA to celebrate.

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