March 1993 Newsletter


Thing’s are really moving at 356RESTORE. The evaluation we did last month turned into a job so priorities have changed. The ’54 Cab has had its bottom done and will go on the dolly and rest for a while. Next up on the rotisserie will be Jim’s ’61 T-5 Sunroof Coupe for a complete bottom job. While we work on that we will also work on the exterior of Abby’s ’62 Coupe. The ’54 Coupe Race Car got its oil cooler and roll bar and was returned to its owner. The ’61 Coupe shop car will be put into storage and we are not sure where. The ’59 Sunroof Coupe shop car will go into storage when it comes back from the painters. We have a ’57 Speedster coming in for panel repair and the owner is interested in the ’59 so things may even out. We have a sunroof clip to do in July so work is now being booked for Fall. But don’t despair! We still have time for small jobs and room if you schedule your 356. How will we do this? Well, welcome Ryan Bendixen, who has joined 356RESTORE as part time body man and 356 apprentice. Ryan is a trained welder and has restored British cars with his Dad. He thinks the 356 Porsche is a lot more interesting.

We did two more evaluations this month and hopefully, they will also turn into future projects. We also did a house call to Bob’s ’64 C Coupe. He had this job estimated at local shop for $5000 and finally pulled the car when it got to $12,000. 356RESTORE estimated the work at two days but got it done in 6 hours when Bob followed behind and did all the grinding.

We have added some new folks to distribution this month and for you, this is what the newsletter is about. 356RESTORE is a small shop; 3-4 cars, specializing in metal repair and restoration of 356 Porsches. Our shop rate is very competitive–$22.50/hour and we do quality work as fast as we can.

Tech Tips

A friend recently had his 356 painted and fitted new hood seal rubber. The hood fit real tight but was still high in the middle. 356RESTORE suggested using baby powder on the rubber to allow the hood to slide. It worked! While still tight, the hood fit better and was more easily adjusted.


Five percent off on parts or shop work for the correct answer. Name one area on the 356 B (and perhaps other models) where wood screws are used and the application has nothing to do with wood!.


Our goal to get more owners involved in their restoration is gaining acceptance. When 356RESTORE asked Mike how much he wanted to be involved, he said as much as possible. We told him if he stripped his 356 per our instruction he could save 40 hours or $900. He can also save more if he has time to do some grinding, painting, caulking or undercoating. Hey Folks! The whole idea is to get these great cars back on the road and drive them!


Some of the better parts are gone. In fact, we see the buyers advertising them for lots more than we sold them. Such is life in the big city. So check the parts list in the last newsletter and call or drop by. We had six folks drop by during open shop last Saturday from noon till four. Some parts were sold and some problems solved, some tires kicked and some beers consumed. You may want to call first as 356RESTORE plans to attend some 356 clinics and events this coming month.