March 1997 Newsletter

Tech Tip

Let’s start out this month with a Tech Tip! I recently had to paint the wheels for Dr Jack’s ’64 Sunroof Coupe and Bruce’s ’59 Convertible D. Bruce’s were easy since he was going to replace the tires. But for Dr Jack’s I wanted to leave the tire on the wheel. The first step is to have the wheels sand blasted. This can be done with the tire on or off the wheel. Sand just bounces off rubber and does no damage. Cost is about $10 per wheel.

With the wheel blasted and the tire still mounted, the problem is to mask off the tire to prime and paint the wheel. You have to be able to paint between the tire bead and wheel rim. In the past I had spent hours using 1″ masking tape and fitting it under the wheel rim. I had seen ads for plastic and tin covers that would protect the tire, in fact I tried to make one out of poster board but I couldn’t fit it under the rim.

My solution was to use 2″ masking tape and place it over the rim and tire in an octagon fashion. I would leave about one half inch on the tire and the rest overhanging the rim. Then I cut the tape inside the rim. Next I pulled back the tape and let it fall on the bead between the tire and rim. Works great and takes about one fourth the time of other masking techniques.

Now that Spring is almost here, you might want to paint your wheels. With the wheels blasted and masked off, apply a good metal primer. I prefer two part epoxy primer but this is expensive in small quantities. So try a good spray can primer and use multiple coats. When dry use a bright silver spray can paint. I’ve tried silver, steel and aluminum colors but bright silver works best because when you spray the final coat of clear, the silver dulls to the original finish. Make sure you use a clear finish compatible with your bright silver paint (i.e. the same brand). If you don’t spray clear over your metallic paint the metallic will rub off when you wash the wheel.

(This happened to me at my one and only concours. The judge ran his finger over my freshly painted wheel and showed me the paint rubbed off The engine judge found grease behind the engine shroud and put his grease finger prints on the score sheet. Now you know why I don’t enter concours.)


Dr Jack’s ’64 Sunroof Coupe is all assembled except for exterior pieces. I’m waiting on the painter to do the final color sanding and buff out. Bruce’s Convertible D is in the same situation. I’ve started assembly on Web’s ’64 Coupe. Web’s 356 is getting priority as he will fly out from New York late next month to drive the car back. Jack H’s 356 has gone to the painter and should be back next month. Jack and his son will do most of the reassembly under my guidance.

The Shop ’64 SC Cabriolet is getting some final detailing and then I will contact those that have expressed an interest to see if they want to buy it. I will be asking $28,000. I’ve been driving it and it really does have SC performance. Don’t forget I also have the Shop ’57 Coupe for sale at $14,000.

Vintage Racing

Within the next few weeks I hope to pick up the 356 race car I bought last year. I plan to have it race prepped and checked out at the RMVR driver school in April. I’ve decided not to race it myself this year – maybe next year. I will loan the race car to friends and customers licensed for vintage racing.

Late last month, Barb and I flew to Phoenix for the Vintage Races (races for me, shopping for Barb). They had over 200 vintage racers and the races were fun and safe. We had quite a few Colorado folks attend the event. I spent a lot of time studying a Birdcage Masserati. It’s amazing what they did with lots and lots of half inch square tubeing. I was impressed with the thousands of welds. I also checked out a friend’s sports racer and found a cracked critical weld in the suspension. I probably saved him some grief.

New Business

This newsletter continues to get good reviews and generate new business. (Do I need more work? I’m suppose to be retired!) I checked out two more 356’s last month and will probably do them later this year. Both owners found me through the newsletter passed on by friends. One of the 356’s has the whole rear hinged to provide engine access. I think I may know who did this many years ago. Fortunately I have access to a 356 with major front end damage but a virgin rear end (no comments!). So we will do a complete rear clip from the lockpost back.


If you get this in time, the RM356PC is having a brunch at the Brittany Hill restaurant on March 16th at 10:00AM cost is $20. In April the RM356PC will have a cookoff (Beginnings and Endings – appetizers and desserts) and in May there will be a rally.

Also in May is the International 356 Meeting in Salou, Spain. The Kelloggs and Petitts will be there. We’ll take the camcorder and hopefully will have some “Kodak moments” to share on return.

The Porsche Club Charity Concours will be June 8th at the Arapahoe Community College.

RMVR will have two spectator events of interest. One at Second Creek Raceway July 12 and 13th. The other at the new Pikes Peak International Raceway on August 2nd and 3rd.