March 2016 Newsletter


We apologize that you did not receive a newsletter for a few months. One month we had nothing to say about 356 restoration as we were involved in setting up the new shop and BJ was still working on the body work on Barney the Shop ’62 Coupe. Another month we were on vacation -Aloha!
The newsletter started in October 1992 when we first started 356Restore. We borrowed readers from the Rocky Mountain 356 Porsche Club membership and from the 356 owners in the Rocky Mountain PCA. We take the cost of the newsletter as advertising on our shop taxes. The cost of the newsletter is about $45 for printing a month plus $60 to the post office (also an annual $200 fee). At present we have about 200 readers that receive the newsletter by mail and another 85 that receive it by email.
In the last 23 1/2 years we have distributed a little over 250 newsletters. The most commented part of the newsletter is Grandpa news. We enjoy writing as evidenced by our “Porsche 356 Do-it-Yourself Restoration Guide” book which by the way has sold over 4,000 copies. We like to think we contributed to quite a few 356 restorations which was our goal. We doubt we will run out of 356 topics as there is always something new to learn about the design and engineering of these great little cars.

Well, BJ finished Barney the Shop ’62 Coupe and it went off to the painter for its original Ivory paint. The interior will be Black vinyl with Mouse Grey corduroy inserts. Both COA noted. We are doing all of our Shop 356s as noted on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA). With the current value of the 356 we stick with the COA even if we do not like the color. In the past we would change a color to one we liked. Aquamarine Blue Metallic, Slate Grey and Fjord Green were a few of our favorite colors.
Another issue with the value of the 356s is how we restore parts. In the past we would restore original parts as they would fit perfect, perhaps show some age but it would be in character for a forty- fifty year old vehicle. Now, restorers will buy all new reproduction parts as they look newer and the parts cost versus 356 value is not an issue. We recently did this with the Shop ’62 Coupe. After spending time trying to make the original rear clip back to new, we decided to just buy a reproduction rear clip; a $1200 decision
The Shop ’64 Coupe we called Casper because of its White paint was taken to the mechanics for brake, suspension and engine installation and tuning. We could have done most of this work but with parts and tools spread between two locations it was easier to get it out of the way for awhile. So BJ started on the next project another ’64 Coupe. We were going to do this for a customer who had paid too much for the project. We are seeing a lot of this, a lot. Maybe most of the 356 projects for sale are way over priced. Someone with their eyes only on the future value will overlook the cost of the restoration.
The customer decided they would trade their project 356 and some cash in exchange for our recently completed ’64 Coupe-Viney. This gets the customer on the road to 356 driving enjoyment sooner.
BJ is the one who names our Shop projects and when he discovered the last three digits of this 356’s serial number was 808 he decided to call the project 808. Which is the area code for Hawaii. The Kellogg’s favorite vacation spot.
So progress has slowed until we move and will get back to the Shop ’57 Speedster, Shop ’64 Sunroof Coupe, Shop Outlaw project and even Barb’s Twin Grille Roadster. Yes we will do our first concours level restoration on the ’62 Roadster. They only made 249 Twin Grille Roadsters and it will be our legacy to leave to our granddaughters.

The Move
We thought we were almost there. The house is done except for the front portion. This would not be needed for occupancy and had been delayed by frozen ground. This area will be covered with stone tiles and the dirt had to excavated and then replaced and compacted
So all we thought we needed was the installation of the railing on the balconies. But then the county wanted the final grade around the building and lot to ensure drainage. They provide the detailed plan and you have to have someone familiar with the process. Of course, our landscaper was on vacation. These two remaining items should be completed this month; we will have a final inspection and get our Certificate of Occupancy. Jim has been anxious to get the 356s moved but the contractor says that will look like we are occupying the home and you do not want to p_ _s off the county inspectors. The move delay has allowed us to go through closets and storage areas and throw out what we won’t need. At least Jim has done this, Barb’s approach has been to have the contractor build multiple storage areas under the eves. The delay has allowed us to get our existing home ready for sale, the old shop has been repainted and looks good. The ramp in the basement will remain and if a buyer doesn’t want it, we’ll correct it. We are hoping the buyer will be a car or motorcycle person or even a horse person as the storage building could be used as a stable.

Grandpa News
For a Christmas gift to the family, Jen got us all tickets to the recent Harlem Globetrotters game. The tickets were courtside where all the action is and the girls had a ball. This is the ninetieth anniversary of the Globetrotters and they still put on a great show, particularly for a kid. Oh, yes they won!

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