October 1992 Newsletter


Welcome to this first issue of 356RESTORE, a newsletter on the restoration of Porsche 356 models. 356 RESTORE is also the name of my new business located in Parker, CO. We specialize in the metal repair and restoration of 356 Porsches. We offer competitive rates and will instruct you in work that you can do to keep your 356 on the road at a reasonable cost. -Jim Kellogg

Tech Tips

Ever have problems getting the nuts on a hood handle in side the recessed area? One solution is to use a piece of rubber hose whose inside diameter will hold the nut.

One simple and inexpensive thing you can do to save that expensive paint job is to coat the insides of the wheel wells with fibrous roofing tar. You can find this product at home improvement centers for about $5 a gallon which is all you need. It prevents those stars in the paint caused by stones tossed by the tires. Just brush it on the inside of those exterior panels that could get hit by stones.

Our Approach

The approach at 356 RESTORE is to provide variable estimates allowing you to decide how much work you want to do yourself. We will identify the problems areas and inform you of the best products to prepare the area for repair, how the repair should be done, and how to finish the repair area to last. It’s your choice on whether you want us to do all the work or perhaps just the MIG welding. Our shop rate is $22.50/hr so you can save money by doing some of the work yourself. In fact, we encourage you to get involved in your repair or restoration. This builds your appreciation of the excellent design and engineering of the 356 Porsche.

So if it;s finally time to get that battery box fixed or the whole car done, give us a call. We will rent tools if you don’t have them and instruct you in their use. However, the plasma cutter can only be rented from Saturday noon til Sunday evening.

We provide free estimates-within a reasonable distance of Denver. We have developed an estimate sheet that lets you know what work you can do to prepare for the repair and to finish it after welding.


I’ve been restoring 356 Porsches for 10 years as a hobby and have recently selected an early retirement option from my company and will do what I enjoy doing the most is restoring 356 Porsches. In the past I did the battery box on a ’57 Carrera coupe, the complete restoration of a ’62 Roadster, the bottom everything on a ’63 sunroof coupe, a nose clip on a ’58 coupe, and numerous small and large rust holes on other 356’s.


All metal work is guaranteed against rust for 13 years. Next year, the warranty will be 12 years as I intend to retire at 65. So get your work done now! The reason we offer a warranty is that we use the latest products and have confidence in our skills.

Open Shop

The shop is open for visitors, estimates, or just B.S. every Saturday noon til 4.

To get to the shop, find Parker CO. and go to the next stoplight on Hwy 83/Parker Road south of Main Street. Turn left (east) on Hilltop and continue 1 mile until you can take the first right. This is Sunburst Tail. You wind around and go up and down until you find 8356. While the house number is 8356, the shop can hold 3 to 5 356’s. So when we fill up the shop, we will probably have to move to a shop in Parker. The shop rate will probably go up then, so get your repair scheduled now!