November 1999 Newsletter


We hope you enjoyed Porsches and Pastries. We had over a dozen 356’s drop by and close to fifty folks. They all had good things to say about Jen’s pastries, which was a prelude to Barb and Jen buying a bakery in Parker. The pastry shop is located at Parker West II Plaza, 10471 S. Parker Road. The phone number is (303) 841-6181; they specialize in wedding and special occasion cakes (also minature pastries like we had at the party). Please call Sugar and Spice Bakery for your sweet needs!

Since the bakery is closed on Suday and Monday, I get to use my restoration skills on the walls, floors and ovens to help get it up and going.


We got Cal’s Speedster fixed up and drove it around the block! the trip indicated I need to do some brake and clutch work and figure out why it won’t start on six volts. Twelve volts will make it spin so it must be a flywheel or maybe a bushing problem.

Whatever, we will figure it out. This was the first time in fwenty five years the Speedster had been on the road.

Most of the time this month has been spent on Rocky’s ’64 Coupe. I had this 356 blasted with the glass in and the doors on. I thought I could save some time on the repaint. But I still needed to pull the glass and doors to do the best job. Which I did and then used paint stripper to clean the edges (actually BJ got this job). After stripping, the 356 indicated a dealer repair to the rear clip and left front. It was ORM sheet metal, has weld and lead work. My supposition is the 356 got rear ended and the left front was also damaged. The dealer work was excellent and needed no repair. However, there was very poor (by today’s standards) repair behind the passenger door. This was a crimp, pop rivet and bondo job. This was the worst area, the rest was the typical closing