October 1997 Newsletter

5th Anniversary Party

We had a great turnout! I sweated the weather but it was perfect. We had over 75 enthusiasts and at least 45 356’s. The food was excellent and the feedback positive. Even I had fun, although I seemed to be constantly answering questions and giving advice. No problem. I do have an ego.

Folks were impressed with our new 356 storage building. This was a very successful project and I would be more than happy to recommend the architect, contractor and master carpenter.

West Coast Holiday

Barb and I flew out to the West Coast Holiday in San Diego. Our friend John Jenkins organized the event and put on quite a show. The event was sold out with 175 356’s and over 300 participants. Friday you had a choice of two drives. A 90 mile poker rally with observation questions or a more aggresive fast long distance drive. Barb and I took the 90 mile tour and had fun identifying areas of San Diego County I had forgotten (I lived there from 1952 – 1964). Friday afternoon and evening were the Literature and Memorabilia event. This was well attended with lots of 356 stuff I hadn’t seen before. Saturday was the Concours with a Carnival and evening banquet. The concours site was perfect; it was near the tip of Point Loma at a private college. The 356’s were staged on a grassy field close to the ocean. You could stand on the hill and gaze down on over 150 356’s with the blue Pacific as a backdrop. Terrific! In addition to the people’s choice concours there were carnival games and guessing contests. I was sure I won the “guess the 356 parts contest” but think I overly elaborated my answer i.e. when the part was a backup light switch, I answered “356 and 356A tunnel mounted transmission shift plate with back up light switch operated mechanically by reverse position of shifter rod”.

After the concours, Barb and I did some shopping and got ready for the awards banquet which was excellent.

Sunday morning was the Swap Meet. I took a suitcase of small but expensive parts (i.e. I doubled my Denver asking price). I got to the Swap meet at 5:45 AM and they were all over me with flashlights. I sold $1000 worth of parts in two hours. I may have to go to California Swap meets more often. When we returned from the International 356 event in Spain I commented on how their 356’s were personalized and driven regularly. I would have to say the California 356’s are restored as correctly as possible (some at major expense) and driven as often as California conditions allow.

The concours also featured five original 356’s! I spent a lot of time with these cars confirming originality features I knew and learning a few more things.

As I mentioned before, the next West Coast Holiday will be Aug 7-11 in Monterey just prior to the Monterey and Lagunna Seca events where Porsche will celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary. While registration has not yet opened for this Holiday, the Holiday hotel and surrounding hotels are sold out.


I hoped to have Ron’s ’60 Cabriolet ready for him to drive back after the 5th anniversary party but I couldn’t get it to start. I’m not a mechanic but I got fuel to the carbs after rebuilding the petcock, blowing out the tunnel line, replacing the fuel pump gasket and cleaning the main jets. I also got spark at the plugs. It should have fired up but didn’t; I’ll have a mechanic look at it and let you know the problem.

I started the metal work on Peter’s ’60 Karmann Notchback Coupe. Once the 356 was media blasted this went quicker than expected as some of the previous repairs were acceptable. In three days I repaired the rust damage to the right front rocker, below the right quarter window, battery box and closing panels. This 356 should go to the painter this week. While it’s there, I’ll assemble the front and rear suspension on Norm’s ’54 Coupe, do some minor body work and get it ready to go to the painter when Peter’s 356 is done. Next up will be the extensive metal work on Steve’s Coupe.


I recently bought a large collection of parts from a restorer in Phoenix. While I will use most of these in restoration projects, they are also available for your projects. I have almost all the rubber parts needed for a 356 plus many small interior items. I have a large collection of instruments and engine parts and sheetmetal. All are priced at the Denver price (not the California Swap meet price).


I recently had two 356 starters repaired at Hensley Battery & Electrical Supply at 2031 Bryant. They did an excellent job and I would recommend them. They charged $90 to rebuild one starter and did not charge me for the second which checked out OK after cleaning. Compare this to $250 exchange for rebuilt from the 356 vendors.


Remember to mark your calendar for the RM356PC monthly meetings the first Wednesday of the month at Brittany Hill Restaurant in Thorton. The election of officers will be held at the November 5th meeting and plans are progressing for the July 1998 Steamboat event. Be there!