October 2004 Newsletter

The phone number for Foreign Intrigue who sells the cloaking device for the 6 volt Optima battery for the 356 B/C cars is 1-800-800-8070. (We dropped an 800 last month.)

East Coast Holiday
This was the first East Coast Holiday for Barb and me. There were over 200 356s and the venue around Williamsburg, Virginia was great.

One thing I noticed was a lot more modified 356s than we see at West Coast Holidays i.e. outlaws, no bumper guards, Carrera rear valance, special bras; similar to what we saw in Spain for the International 356 event.

The headquarter hotel was adjacent to the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center and had a very large parking lot for the 356s, at least 150.

This was the thirtieth anniversary of the 356 Registry and was celebrated in style. Wednesday was the first day and included a “Taste of the Taverns” in Colonial Williamsburg. That evening was a dessert reception.

Thursday was a drive to Smithfield where there was a reception featuring the great Smithfield hams. This drive included a trip on the Jamestown ferry. In the afternoon there was a tech session followed by an excellent reception sponsored by the 356 Trustees.

Friday featured drives to plantations along the James River. Our favorite was the Shirley Plantation which is Virginia’s oldest, being established in 1613. It is still a working plantation and the home of the eleventh generation of original owners.

At another plantation, the Berkeley, you can see a cannon ball, lodged in the wall, fired during the Civil War (or War of Northern Aggression as referred to by Southerners.)

Friday afternoon was the Literature, Memorabilia and Model Meet. I signed about thirty of my 356 Restoration books at one of the book vendor’s table.

Saturday was the big day. Everyone drove to Historic Yorktown for the Concours. The streets were blocked off and the 356s parked by model type. It rained off and on for the first two hours but by 11:00 the sun was out and it was an impressive display of 356s. There was a huge crowd and awards were presented promptly at 2:00 preceded by a Fife and Drum concert.

The Saturday dinner was exceptional; buffet setup, excellent food with no speeches or presentations. There was a DJ and Barb and I even danced (been a while).

Sunday was the Swap Meet and I signed some more books. Even bought a 1954 “American Forces Germany” license plate for a future ’54 Coupe restoration. After the Swap Meet we explored Jamestown and then drove to Washington DC area to meet friends. They took us on a sailing cruise of Chesapeake Bay and we reminisced of when they joined us in Colorado for the Snowmass/Crested Butte Holiday.

Before returning home we visited some Civil War battlefields and Mount Vernon. I was most impressed with Mount Vernon. George designed a heck of a place! The views from the mansion and lawns overlooking the James River are spectacular. The gardens replicate what George had designed and even included some of the plants. Plan to visit Virginia in 2007 for their 400th anniversary.

We finished the minor body work on the Shop ’58 Cabriolet and took it to the painter. It will be Meissen Blue, the original color. I saw a few 356s at the ECH in this color. It is a soft blue/gray. We will also use the original red color interior. We finished the metal work on the other Mathew’s 56 Coupe and it is ready for the painter. We received the new rear clip for the 356 and it went on with few issues. It really improved the rear of this heavily damaged 356. We also had work around the rear lid and left door and minor work on the right threshold and nose. We had to do this work without causing damage to the excellent finished interior.

We brought the Shop ’57 Carrera into the shop and BJ started on a lot of minor repairs. I had previously done the floor, right door/lockpost and left headlight area. BJ found a fiberglass repair in the battery box that I had missed. We will take our time on this restoration and do it to show quality as it is a rare and valuable 356.

We still have to get the engine in the Shop ’64 Coupe and sort it out before the snow flies. We will also take the other Shop ’64 Coupe to Blast Tech for blasting so we can start on the metal work. We will also pick up Scott’s ’55 Coupe which we will restore in exchange for Scott’s ’54 which we are presently storing. Then when Mathew’s ’59 Coupe comes back from the painter we have to assemble it and also the Shop ’58 Cabriolet.