October 2011 Newsletter

newheaderRennsport Reunion IV and Porsche Race Car Classic
This newsletter is a little late this month as we were attending the above two events in Monterey, California. Rennsport Reunion IV was Octo- ber 14-16 at the Mazda Raceway in Laguna Seca. BJ and I had attended the first Rennsport Re- union at Lime Rock Raceway in Connecticut in 2001 and the fol- lowing Rennsport Reunions at Daytona, Florida.

These All Porsche race events are held about every three years. The events at Daytona were huge i.e. over 100 Porsches in some of the race groups. We said they really ought to have an event out on the west coast and now they have. Laguna Seca is smaller than Daytona so the Porsches were limited to about 300 but the quality and attendance was high. Porsche Cars North America supported the event so there were many factory museum Por- sches on display and racing as well as many of the factory driv- ers of the past. The Porsches were divided into eight race groups by age and model. Our favorite group included the 356s, RSK, RS60, and Porsches of the 1950-1965 era. The oldest Porsche in the group was a 1953 Pooper-Porsche powered Cooper- and it was fast.

Other groups were the early 911s and 914s, 906s-908s, 910s-917s, 934s-935s and RSRs, 962s, Cay- man Series, and Porsche Cup cars.

With Laguna Seca being in a bowl among hills, the sounds of the race engines was terrific. Competition in all the groups was keen and there were no major incidents.

There was a Porsche Park in the infield that featured display cars from the factory and the new 2012 911 North America debut. Weather on Friday was sunny and hot but Saturday was cool with fog all morning. The Porsches reduced speed but ran in the fog. By the afternoon they were at full song.

The groups of early Porsches had their races on Saturday so we didn’t mind missing the Sunday races to attend the Porsche Race Car Classic at the Quail Lodge Golf Club in Carmel Valley. This event was produced by Steve Heinrichs who produced the Speedster Fest held at the Quail in 2004.

For this event, examples of the first fifteen years of Porsche racing were positioned on the grass of the Quail. Guests were held outside until the gates were opened at 10:00am. We were meet with about 175 Porsches but they were all covered!

When all the guests were inside, the covers were all pulled off at the same time and there they were!

~ Two aluminum bodied Gmund Coupes
~ A Glockler Roadster
~ Four American Roadsters
~ Thirteen 550 Spyders
~ Four 550A Spiders
~ Thirteen 718 and 718/2 RSK Spiders
~ Two Formula One 804s including Dan Gurney’s winning car
~ Eleven Abarth Carreras of the twenty produced

And of course all the racing 356s and significant 356s of that period. And right up front when you entered was the 1954 Speedster s/n 80013 of Bruce and Kathy Ungari. The 356 that BJ and I restored a few years ago.

What an overload! One of our favorites was Chuck House’s 1956 356A 1500GS Carrera Coupe. It was discovered in 2004 after being stored for forty three years with just 16,771 miles on the odometer. It had been owned by the Dupont Family. One of our favorite Porsche models was the 904 and there were fifteen at the event. It was a street legal race car first produced in 1964. We love the body style and it was very competi- tive. While checking out the 904s, we noticed that headlight covers were installed with screws. But some 904s had slotted screws some of which were painted. Other 904s had Phillips screws. Which were correct? Who cares it was a race car. There is an excellent video of the event showing all the Porsches on YouTube. Just search for Porsche Race Car Classic – Quail Lodge- October 16, 2011.

The event was well attended and it was a benefit to assist in lung cancer research. Many people do not know that lung cancer kills more people than breast, prostate, colon and pancreas cancers combined.

The Texas ’60 Coupe-Goat Car was picked up by the owners last week. Since they are new to Porsche 356 Ownership we recommended they trailer the 356 home and learn how to drive it in their area. We prepared a list of things they need to know like how to start it and what gas to use. We also reminded them the 356 is not a safe car by today’s standards. Since they have young triplet daughters and a younger daughter we said the girls should only ride one at a time around the neighborhood.

BJ started the body work on the Happy Car, the Illinois ’60 Cabriolet. We fit the top frame to ensure fit since the body had opened up as evidenced by the door gaps when we started the metal work. The top frame fit perfect as did the hood, doors nd rear lid. The owner has decided to paint the 356 Bali Blue. The Shop ’60 Dolphin Grey Coupe has had the rebuilt engine installed and we will be bringing it back to the shop and prepare it for sale. We will then take in Jim’s ’63 Sunroof Coupe to have it serviced and an emissions check.

Grandpa News
Right after Rennsport BJ, Jennifer, Alex and Grandma Barb all went on a four day Disney cruise to the Bahamas. They had a great time and Alex figured out if you call room service they will bring you chocolate covered Mickey ice cream bars to your room