October 1999 Newsletter

Porsches & Pastry

Remember – Porsches and Pastry is Saturday October 23rd at 10:00 AM at 356RESTORE. Directions: (from the North) Parker Road (Hwy 83) south to Hilltop Road, left 1 and 3/4 miles to Sunburst Trail. (from the South) Hwy 83 north to Stroh Road, right onto Stroh to Sundown Trail then left onto Sundown and left to 8356 Sunburst Trail. Please call if you are coming (303) 841-2356 and have not let me know. If inclement weather you can drive your regular road appliance (J.J.). We have plenty of 356s here.

West Coast Holiday

The West Coast Holiday in Sedona, AZ was well attended with over 200 356 Porsches. Barb and I had planned to take the ’63 Black sunroof Coupe but while getting it ready we found sparklies in the oil. So it’s rebuild time. We took the ’62 Twin Grille Roadster which is not as comfortable-no insulation, lots of wind noise. No problems, we did 1,800 miles with less than one quart of oil. The engine ran cool which negated the needed heater; it was 28 degrees when we left. At Sedona it was in the high 80’s.

We put 150 356s on the road Friday for a long drive and then lunched at a State Park. It was quite a sight. I would guess half the 356s at Sedona were open cars. Plenty of Speedsters and Convertibles. there was only one other Twin Grille Roadster and very few Pre As.

The Concours was Peoples Choice and held on the golf course. Beautiful sight! When I judge Peoples Choice, I pick on feature which allows me to narrow down the field. For example on T-6 cars there should be two rubber washers on the two studs underneath the front of the hood handle. If they weren’t there, I went on to the next 356.