September 2000 Newsletter

Deja Vu

I didn’t think it could happen in this day and age. A 356A that I restored three years ago recently had its hood kinked. The owner received a gift certificate from his wife to have the car detailed. When he left his 356 at the detail shop he explained how the front and rear lids worked. But the info must not have trickled down because someone used brute force to close the hood. The kink wasn’t too bad but the paint on the hood was cracked. It only took a few hours to make the repair. The problem was getting a good color match. The job cost $343, mostly for the paint (a quart is $98) and supplies. The detail shop fortunately paid for the repair.


You have to turn the back of this Newsletter upside down to read. This is because we want the folded bottom to go through the Post Office machine. Many of you have received ripped up Newsletters. Let me know if this is still happening.

Last month I wrote a rather basic procedure on changing the oil in you 356. After I wrote it I thought it was pretty dumb. But I received a letter thinking me for the procedure. He said he was going to frame it and put it in the garage. While I’ve received positive verbal responses to this Newsletter, this was my first letter. I’m going to frame it and put it in my garage!


To Bruce Lasch, who drove his 356 to our shop. This was the first drive and the culmination of a five year restoration. Bruce had plenty of ups and downs but persevered