September 2003 Newsletter


As expected the pace has picked up. The Shop ’64 Irish Green Coupe was completed at Autoweave. We picked it up and dropped off Ted’s Cabriolet. Autoweave had pre-ordered the carpet and interior and will try to finish it in a week. Then it will go straight to Trevor’s for installation of the rebuilt engine and linkage adjustment. We will pick it up and install the windshield, seat belts and a few remaining parts. We left the windshield out as Ted wanted a full tonneau and it is easier for Autoweave to install the Tennex fasteners on the dash.

Ted will have about a week to sort out his 356 before the West Coast Holiday in Taos October 2-5. It will be a tight schedule.

BJ has started on the extensive metal repair on Michael’s ’62 Coupe. This 356 will get a new front clip as there was extensive patchwork brazing repair done in the past. Brazing was a repair technique that used a non ferrous filler rod and low heat (800 degrees F.) to create an alloy that bonded two pieces together. Welding uses heat in the 2500-3000 degree F range. Since brazing used low heat it was a popular technique for the novice in the sixties and seventies.

Michael’s 356 has too much brazing in the front and this was covered by a quarter inch of bondo. On this 356 you can see a brazing repair that has failed.

On the T-5/T-6 cars it is the area between the upper and lower grilles in front. Behind this curved area is a flat plate to secure the upper horn grille and optional fog light. Mud can get behind this plate and cause rust. On Michael’s 356 you can see how a brazing repair was done and then how it rusted again later. The way to avoid rust in this area is to caulk between the plate and body.

We picked up a T-5 Coupe from George. He had done most of the disassembly and undercoat removal. The only rust damage appears to be in the battery box. This 356 has the typical rebar hood kink repair. Other than that, the 356 is really straight and the gaps are good. We took it to Blast Tech for the removal of the remaining undercoat. We believe this 356 has no body damage or previous repair and can be sanded and repainted.

By the way, Blast Tech will be moving from Parker to Englewood at the end of September. Gary will get more booth space, a dust removal system and a bigger compressor. The new address is 3775 So. Kalamath St. and the new phone number is 303-806-9992.

Gene’s Cabriolet is still at Vern, the painter’s and should be done shortly, all the parts are cleaned, painted and polished and ready for reassembly. In addition to a soft top, Gene also has a hard top for his Cabriolet. We disassembled this for paint and look forward to the reassembly as we have not done this.

We mentioned last month the fuel line problem on our ’63 Coupe. The next problem was brake hose failure. As I bled the brakes it was obvious no fluid was coming out the right rear. I replaced both rear rubber brake hoses. Similar to the fuel line failure the brake hose fails internally. You can’t see the problems externally. They swell up inside. When was the last time you had your brakes bled and inspected?

We will drive the ’63 Coupe to Vail this Saturday as a shake down prior to our trip to Taos. The Colorado Grand Tour ends in Vail and they have invited car clubs to show their cars. Join us in Vail at Lionshead Park on September 20th if you get this in time.

Future Events

One of the best Porsche events that BJ and I attended was the Rennsport Reunion at Lime Rock Park Racetrack in Connecticut in July, 2001. Well, there will be another next year at Daytona International Speedway. It will be April 23-25, 2004. The Rennsport Reunion features all the Porsche Race cars and drivers that we have enjoyed watching over the years. The factory provides race cars from the museum and most of the cars from private collections are there. You can walk through the pit area to see and photograph the cars and talk to the drivers/owners. The sounds are tremendous. We will provide more details on this event in the future.

Hope you have your registration in for the 356 West Coast Holiday in Taos, NM Oct. 2-5. You can register with Joyce and Larry Hooper-505-296-8912 and pay late fee–but worth it!