95. Al’s ’64 Coupe

Original owner, well maintained 356 in slate gray. Called with a small problem of rust under the passenger side quarter window. We removed the window, cut out the rusty metal, and made a patch. We made a close match on the paint, and the repair is hardly visible under the window.

94. Drive-In Repair

A new owner of a T-6 Coupe was detailing his 356 to go on a sports car rally. He backed the 356 out of the garage with the door open and damaged the door. He drove it right over and we were able to bend some metal and get the door to work. He sold the 356 soon thereafter.

91. Scot’s ’55 Coupe

All complete but disassembled by Scot. Very little metal work, but Scot rolled it into the garage door opening with the passenger door open. Ouch! Will be painted pasha red. The back of the original dash has the original paint which we can match.